Ayo Dosunmu uses Bradley Beal's advice against him


The Washington Wizards didn't have a good time on their trip to the Windy City as they fell 130-122 to the Chicago Bulls. Following the win over Washington, Bulls guard Ayo Dosunmu might have shared the secret to his good night.

Dosunmu stated that Wizards guard Bradley Beal gave him a few pointers on making this one move. Despite being 28-years-old, the Washington guard is a veteran player and gave some advice to a young player finding his way in the NBA.

However, the Bulls guard displayed no mercy and decided to use what Beal had taught him against the Wizards star, leading to Beal telling Dosunmu, "I didn't say use it on me. I said use it in the future."

Beal stated that he noticed Dosunmu's travel calls due to his indecisiveness, leading to him telling the young Chicago player to "just gotta catch and rip."

"It's weird because he was traveling; he got called for two travels in the corner. It was because he was very indecisive. As a young player, you've gotta kind of know what you're about to do before you receive the ball. I looked at Coach Donovan, and he was telling him, 'just catch and go,'" Beal said postgame. 

"It was funny; I told him the same thing. You've just gotta catch and rip. Don't shuffle your feet. Either you catch and shoot, or you catch and go. Sure enough, his a-- caught and went on me to a one-dribble pull-up."


The 21-year-old was one of six Bulls players who had a double-digit night, scoring 18 points, four assists, and five rebounds. It ended up being a career-night for the rookie.