Whether you're thrilled or disappointed about the Wizards' first pick, July 19th should give you hoops to look forward to. 

It's "The Basketball Tournament."  A field of 64 teams comprised of has-beens, what-could-of-beens and international players will vie for a $2 million winner-take-all prize. The bracket has eight regions, with each region's top seed being "capable of drawing loud, passionate, sizeable fan bases," per TBT's website.

The remaining 56 teams were chosen from the application pool. 

One of those host regions is Richmond, Va., joining Syracuse, NY, Greensboro, NC, Lexington, Ky., Memphis, Tenn., Wichita, Kan., Columbus, Ohio and Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Games begin Friday, July 19th, with Greensboro, Lexington, Memphis and Columbus playing to completion through Sunday. The remaining four regions will do the same the following weekend, setting up an eight-team quarterfinal round at Wintrust Arena in Chicago (Ill.) beginning August 1st. The championship will be held Tuesday, August 6th at Wintrust. Team Overseas Elite has won the last four titles, amassing $7 million in total winnings. 

All regional games can be streamed via ESPN3. Quarterfinal games will air on ESPNU, ESPN or ESPN2, and the semifinals and finals will all be on ESPN. 

Here are some notable teams and players with DMV ties that you can watch close to home:

Richmond Regional:

No. 2 Ram Nation (VCU alumni):

  • Bradford Burgess, Coach (VCU)
  • Chris Evans (VCU)
  • Javonte Green (VCU
  • JeQuan Lewis (VCU)
  • Eric Maynor (VCU, Wizards) 
  • Brandon Rozzell (VCU)
  • B.A. Walker (VCU)
  • Reggie Williams (VMI)


No. 3 Green Machine (George Mason alumni): 

  • Bryon Allen (GMU) 
  • Lamar Butler (GMU)
  • Folarin Campbell (GMU)
  • Erik Copes (GMU)
  • Corey Edwards (GMU)
  • Austin Freedman (Georgetown)
  • Mike Morrison (GMU)
  • Ryan Pearson (GMU)
  • Isaiah Tate (DeMatha, GMU)
  • Will Thomas (Mount St. Joe's, GMU)


No. 5 Seven City Royalty (Old Dominion alumni)

  • Nik Biberaj (ODU)
  • Aaron Bacote (ODU)
  • Jordan Baker (ODU)
  • Trey Freeman (ODU)
  • Randy Haynes (ODU)
  • Keenan Palmore (ODU)
  • Richard Ross (ODU)
  • Brandon Stith (ODU)


No. 6 The Web (Richmond Alumni)

  • Terry Allen (Richmond)
  • Darien Brothers (Richmond)
  • TJ Cline (Richmond)
  • Darrius GarrettJahron Giddings 
  • LG Gill (Maryland)
  • David Gonalvez (Richmond)
  • Justin Harper (Richmond)
  • Shawndre' Jones (Richmond)


No. 7 Team DRC:

  • Joseph Katuka (GWU)


Other notable participants: 

Jordan Adams, PG – Sons of Westwood (Oak Hill) 

Michael Anderson, PF – Boo Williams (VCU)

Ray Barbosa, SG – Hilltop Dawgs (UMBC)

Earl Barron, PG – Bluff City (Wizards)

Julius Brooks, PF – Showtime (Loyola Univeristy at Maryland)

Demarcus Cousins, GM – Loyalty is Love (It's Demarcus Cousins)

Will Darley, PF – Hilltop Dawgs (UMBC)

Juan Dixon, Coach – Team Hines (Maryland, Wizards PG)

Jourdan Grant*, PG – Hilltop Dawgs (Archbishop Spalding, UMBC)

Megan Gustafson, SF – Iowa United (First active women's pro player to participate) 

Brian Hodges, Coach – Hilltop Dawgs (UMBC)

Dru Joyce III, PG, and Romeo Travis, PF – Mid-American Unity (HS teammates of Lebron James, starred in the 2008 documentary "More than a Game")

Eric Mann, C – Primetime Players (VMI)

Charles Mann Jr, PG - Showtime (Son of former Redskins' DE Charles Mann)

KJ Maura*, PG – Hilltop Dawgs (UMBC) 

Du'Vaughn Maxwell, SF – Boo Williams (Hampton)

Jeff McInnis, Asst. Coach – Primetime Players (Wizards)

James Michael McAdoo, PF – Eberlin Drive (2x Virginia's Mr. Basketball, USA Basketball's Male Athlete of the Year in 2009)

Toure Murry, SG – Aftershocks (Wizards)

Chase Plummer, SF – Hilltop Dawgs (UMBC)

Bobby Portis, C – Team Arkansas (Wizards)

Sam Schweitz, C – Hilltop Dawgs (UMBC)

Joe Sherburne, SF – Hilltop Dawgs (UMBC)

DJ Strawberry, PG – Fort Hood Wounded Warriors (Maryland)

* – orchestrated the first-ever 16 v. 1 seed upset