Bertans wants in on the Lillard, Curry debate


Damian Lillard showcasing his absurd shot-making ability from three-point land during bubble play has prompted a heated debate over who has more range from deep: Lillard or Steph Curry?

But people are forgetting about one of the NBA's deadliest deep-three-point specialists, and he threw his own hat into the ring Thursday morning.

In his first season with the Wizards, Davis Bertans became one the NBA's most feared sharpshooters, shooting over 42% from three on 8.7 attempts per game. He played a large part in Washington's prolific bench unit and did a lot of damage from well beyond the three-point line. 


Among shooters that attempted at least 25 threes from more than 28 feet (NBA 3P-line is 23.75 feet), Bertans had the second most makes in the NBA and the best percentage before the season was suspended. 

  1. Davis Bertans: 45-91 (49.2%)
  2. Duncan Robinson: 23-54 (42.6)
  3. Seth Curry: 11-26 (42.3)
  4. Damian Lillard: 86-207 (41.9)
  5. Jaren Jackson Jr. (13-33) (39.4)

Bertans' confidence from deep sets him apart from your typical three-point marksmen. It doesn't matter if he's 0-7 from deep or the shot is closer to half court than the three-point line. He's going to let it fly. 

During the year, his disregard for traditional shooting etiquette gave Wizards ball-handlers a ton of space to work off the dribble. Once opposing teams caught on to Bertans' success from deep, they'd seemingly abandon every defensive scheme they had once he caught the ball behind the arc. 

Are Curry and Lillard two of the best three-point shot makers in NBA history? Probably. But when you're having a debate about who's the best deep three-point shooter, you can't leave Bertans out of the discussion. 

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