SEE IT: Blake Griffin laughs off scuffle with Thomas Bryant


Wizards center Thomas Bryant was all over the place against the Pistons on Thursday night. His energy yielded nearly a double-double in the game's first three quarters. But with the third quarter winding down, Blake Griffin made sure he wouldn't get inside position underneath the basket. 

Bryant was furious. 

Thomas Bryant, Blake Griffin get into preseason scuffle

In Washington's second exhibition game of the NBA preseason, Bryant took exception to Griffin's seemingly unwarranted shove. Griffin, on the other hand, was apparently amused he riled Bryant up to this extent and laughed the whole incident off. 

Bryant ended up getting a technical foul for his reaction, shoving the referee away while fellow Wizards big man Moe Wagner attempted to calm him down. 

While constant energy and aggressiveness from coach Scott Brooks' starting center is certainly a welcome sign, especially with the impact Russell Westbrook has helped make in the locker room so far, going too far could cost him at the end of the day. Bryant was called for another technical for hanging on the rim after a big dunk, but that doesn't count towards getting ejected.