Josh Hart wishes he scored 50 in win over Wizards


The Washington Wizards are fighting to be a part of the play-in tournament and after a rough couple of days in Los Angeles, Wes Unseld Jr.'s team left the state of California for a matchup against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Portland's season is essentially done with eight players out of the lineup due to injury. It was the right opponent for the Wizards to get back on track; however, Washington might not have accounted for Josh Hart going off for a career-high 44 points against his hometown team. 

The Silver Spring, Md native knew that it was a magical night where the 27-year-old had the hot hand against the Wizards, which is why Hart stated that he wanted to hit that 50-point mark. 

"I definitely wish I got to 50. I don't know when I'm gonna have another night like this. But I'm blessed. I'm happy with 44. I got the Barack Obama," Hart said postgame

Despite knowing he's not a player that can consistently go off for these types of performances, Hart continued by saying he can be that third option on a team. The Blazers forward stated that his role is clear. 

"I'm not a No. 1 scoring option. I'm not quite a No. 2. I'd say I can be a two and a half. I know my role. I know my niche in the league,"  Hart added. "I wish I'd had more heat checks. I'd be pulling up from the logo. Taking shots like Dame."


Hart may not be option No. 1 or No. 2, but he was on Saturday night against the Wizards, hurting their play-in chances. Washington now faces a daunting task of winning in San Francisco against the Golden State Warriors or risk going 0-4 on their West Coast trip.