Beal had the most votes of any guard left off All-NBA teams


Though it is no consolation, Wizards guard Bradley Beal once again just barely missed out on making All-NBA, receiving the most votes of any guard left off the list. The same exact thing happened to him last year.

This time, Beal ended up with 32 total points with three second-team votes counting for three points apiece and 23 third-team votes equaling one point apiece. Ben Simmons and Russell Westbrook, the two third-team guards, received 61 and 56 total vote points, respectively.


So, Beal was close but not all that close to either of them. There were also two other players at other positions who received more votes and didn't make All-NBA. Those would be Khris Middleton, who had the most votes of any snub, and Joel Embiid. Middleton got 82 points and Embiid 76.

That helps further illustrate the fact Beal wouldn't be helped if the league did away with positions for All-NBA criteria. Centers are disadvantaged the most with only three spots compared to guards and forwards, which each have six.

Embiid, an All-Star starter, averaged 23.0 points and 11.6 rebounds on a good Sixers team and didn't make it. Neither did Heat center Bam Adebayo who was an All-Star, All-Defense and averaged 15.9 points and 10.2 rebounds for a team now playing in the conference finals.

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Beal was fairly obviously held back by the Wizards' lack of team success. They went 25-47 this season and missed the playoffs. If it weren't for that, you have to imagine his 30.5 points per game scoring average would have been enough to get him in.


What could be tough for Beal going forward is that it won't get any easier separating himself among NBA guards. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, two All-NBA mainstays, should be healthy next season. Kyrie Irving, a two-time selection, should also be healed and playing for a good Nets team.

There is also a rising generation of star guards including Ja Morant and Trae Young. So, Beal will have his work cut out for him.

This year he was once again close, but not close enough.