WASHINGTON — Exactly two months have passed since the Wizards offered All-Star shooting guard Bradley Beal a max contract extension worth approximately $111 million over three years, but it appears there has been little movement on either side.

Beal explained to NBC Sports Washington's Chris Miller how he hasn't thought much about it at all. And on Thursday, Wizards general manager Tommy Sheppard essentially said the team is giving Beal space as he mulls the offer. The deadline for a decision is Oct. 21.

"We have until October 21st. I think it's up to him, whenever he wants to make a decision on that. I haven't been worrying about it all," Sheppard said.

That can be taken in a variety of ways. The fact Beal hasn't put much thought into it probably won't be seen as a good sign by most. But, as Sheppard described, he feels Beal is committed to the Wizards, whether he signs the deal or not.

Beal, 26, is signed to be in Washington through the 2020-21 season. He could simply not sign this deal and wait to possibly make more money down the road. So, in a sense, there is no rush to determine his future.

"Knowing that he has two more years under contract with us is valuable information. I take my cues on how he's interacting," Sheppard said. "He has shown time and time again how committed he is to D.C."

Sheppard said he has seen that commitment in recent weeks with how he has participated in voluntary, pre-training camp workouts. He has been at the team's practice facility, scrimmaging with his new teammates. 


Sheppard said Beal's presence has been great for the many young players they brought in this offseason.

"All you have to do is work as hard as Bradley Beal," he said.

If Beal does not take the extension, he will still play for the Wizards. They have no plans to trade him. They would prefer to build around him as a centerpiece player.

But if he turns them down, that could set up an interesting dynamic the following summer when he will be one year away from free agency.