Some quotes are so obviously newsworthy that reporters within an earshot break a sweat rushing to tweet them, write them and blast them out into the unviverse. Some quotes take on a life of their own unexpectedly, they catch fire when no one saw it coming.

The latter happened this week with the Wizards. After the Wizards beat the Toronto Raptors on Thursday night, guard Bradley Beal remarked about the team's improved ball movement, saying "everybody eats" when they pass the ball.

The next day, it took off. Fans and members of the national media interpreted it as a shot at John Wall, how the Wizards were better without him than with him because there is more sharing in the offense. Beal took to Twitter to hit back at those people by saying "y'all reaching!!!!"


After Saturday's win over the Magic, their fourth straight win since Wall went down with a left knee injury, Beal explained why he thinks people took his statement the wrong way.

"For us to say that we're a better team without John it's, like, that's comical in a sense. Come on, let's be real," Beal said.  "The guy's the head of our franchise, a five-time all-star. Let's be realistic. I think what benefits us is we figured out how to play without John. Reality is reality... We're not sitting here saying we're a better team without him, by no means."


Beal went on to say that many people simply didn't realize that Beal was making a pop culture reference.

"On top of that, I was quoting a movie. I don't know if anybody saw 'Paid In Full' but I was quoting a movie. Everybody eats. Everybody has success. Everybody gets a touch," Beal said.

There you go. Everybody eats is a funny quote, not a dig from one teammate to another.