Beal gives AAU team fiery speech: ‘I’m gonna hold you accountable’

Bradley Beal

As Bradley Beal grows into one of the NBA’s most efficient players as Washington’s biggest superstar, he continues to mentor the game’s young prospects at the AAU level as well.

Beal, who established an AAU basketball program in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri called "Bradley Beal Elite," delivered an impassioned, if furious, speech to his squad after a recent game. 

“I got news for you. When you get to the next level, if you get there, you ain’t gonna be no offensive guy,” Beal said. “How many college guys do you know averaging 20 [points] a game? How many? None! None! Get that scoring s*** out of your head.”

Beal, 28, centered his speech around unselfishness on the court. He put an emphasis on impacting the game without scoring, given how young players tend to focus too much on their own personal offensive stats than the overall result of the contest.

He has the ethos to speak on the matter, after all. Though Beal has morphed into one of the NBA’s best scorers, he’s improved his overall offensive play tremendously over the course of his career. This past season, though cut short by a wrist injury, he posted a career-best 6.6 assists per game.

“What can you do to impact the basketball game to win?” he said. “F*** your stats. Because guess what, they’re terrible, quite frankly…we need to be focusing on how to win games.”


This isn’t the first time Beal has taken his coaching mantra to the max, either. Just over a year ago, he gave another impassioned, though less angry, speech (NSFW) to his AAU squad about just how much dedication it takes to make the NBA. Among other things, he told his team that in order to make it to basketball’s highest echelon, they’d have to be able to guard players of Beal’s quality.

As Beal delivers Caesar-esque monologues to his players, his status in Washington is still yet to be determined. He’s eligible for a supermax extension this summer worth upwards of $250 million. Both the Wizards and Beal himself have noted they’re leaning towards inking the deal and keeping the superstar guard around the nation’s capital for the long term.