Wizards guard Bradley Beal has done a series of interviews in recent days about his own personal experience during the NBA's hiatus caused by the coronavirus pandemic. One of them was on the Lowe Post podcast hosted by ESPN's Zach Lowe and on it he told a great story about an enviable and now very convenient feature in his house.

Beal has been away from team facilities like everyone else, but has still been able to train due to the fact he has a basketball court in his home. As Lowe noted on the show, even some of the richest and well-established stars in the league like Stephen Curry and Giannis Antetokounmpo can't say the same.

But Beal explained how his agent tried to talk him out of having a home basketball gym years ago, a take that has all of a sudden aged very poorly in hindsight.

"It's funny because Mark [Bartelstein] right before I bought this house was like 'why do you need a gym in your house? Why? You have a whole practice facility and that's what it's for, your house is to get away from all of that.' I was like 'yeah, but I really love the house.' Sure enough, he texted me like two days [after the league stopped] and said 'man, that was the smartest investment you ever made. Now it's paying off for me," Beal said.



Beal can continue getting shots up and doing individual drills, though like everyone else his ability to play against others and in scrimmages is limited by the quarantine. And even though Beal is still shooting around, he added it won't be a quick process to get back into game shape for him, either.

“I don’t think anybody can come back and just go from zero to 100 and pick up right where we left off. There’s going to be some bad basketball if that’s the case," Beal said.

If Beal will need some time to get back up to speed, you can only imagine what that process will be like for the NBA players who dont have their own gyms. Wizards doctor Daniel Medina said earlier this week he believes it will require two-to-three weeks.

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