Beal: 'I feel good every night, no matter what arena we're in'


Bradley Beal’s last five games in Portland have produced some of the better games of Beal’s career. He just doesn’t see that as a difference maker.

When asked if the Moda Center, the home of the Trail Blazers, held any particular advantage or meaning to him, he shrugged off the question.

“I think I lead the league in scoring,” Beal said after a 118-111 win Saturday night. “I think I feel good every single night no matter what arena we’re in.”

Through 25 games, Beal is averaging 32.9 points per game, which is on-pace to be the third-best average per game (behind James Harden, twice) since Kobe Bryant’s 2005-2006 season. 

He posted a then career-high 51 points against the Blazers in 2017, and has averaged 33.6 points per game at Moda Center since 2017, but there isn’t much else that’s on Beal’s mind at the moment. Beal is averaging 31.7 points per game at Capital One Arena and 34 points on the road this season — meaning he’s actually best when in an arena he’s less familiar with. 

Home or away doesn't matter for Beal, who has proved himself as one of the best scorers in the league once again this season.

“I don’t give a damn about anybody else who plays here in Portland, I care about me and my guys,” Beal said. “I don’t know. I don’t pay attention to stats like that. I’m the least analytical guy on this Zoom.”