Beal likely to set many franchise records on new contract

Bradley Beal

Just by agreeing to his latest $251 million deal with the Wizards, Bradley Beal set a record by securing the largest contract in franchise history. But by signing up for five more years in Washington, Beal is very likely to set many more records by the time his career in Washington is over.

That is whether he plays the entirety of the contract in D.C. or not, as Beal is very close to some major accomplishments.

Here is a look at some that are within reach...

All-time scoring leader - 1,320 points behind Elvin Hayes

This would probably be the most noteworthy milestone and it is likely to happen this upcoming season. Based on Beal's career scoring average of 22.1 points per game, he would break Hayes' record about 60 games into the year. It could happen a lot sooner if he returns to scoring 30-plus points per game as he did in the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons. It could also take longer, depending on his health. But basically, this one seems like a safe bet to happen and fairly soon. Beal would cement himself as the greatest scorer in Wizards/Bullets history.

Most seasons played - 3 years behind Wes Unseld Sr.

This one would likely take some people by surprise if it happens, but Beal has already been in the league and on the Wizards for 10 seasons and that is a very long time in the NBA to be with one team. Only Unseld Sr., the most decorated player in franchise history, has played more seasons in Washington than Beal has and he's only ahead by three. As soon as Beal steps on the floor for the 2022-23 season, he will have 11 years with the franchise. After that, it would only take two more seasons to tie Unseld Sr. and three more to set the record as the longest-tenured player in franchise history. His 5-year contract is going to make that distinctly possible.


Most games played - 339 behind Wes Unseld Sr.

This one is a little trickier, as Beal has had a few seasons where he missed considerable time due to injury, while Unseld Sr. played in an era where 'rest' was for wussies and his cement truck build made him practically indestructible. But if Beal averages 68 games played per season over the course of his 5-year deal, he will not only pass Unseld Sr. in terms of seasons played but also games played. Finishing his Wizards career with the scoring record and being the longest-tenured player would certainly be quite the distinction. Unseld Sr. has a ring and an MVP trophy, but Beal definitely has a chance to be up there next to Unseld Sr. as one of the best players in franchise history and, given Unseld Sr. played for the Bullets, perhaps the best player ever to suit up for the Wizards


There is a long list of other milestones Beal has a chance to achieve that won't exactly lead to the game being stopped for a standing ovation, but will be worth noting. He could end up with the records for free throws made, field goals made, field goals missed, turnovers and 20-point games. He may also move up the list in terms of playoff appearances.

Right now Beal has been to the postseason five times, which is nowhere close to Unseld Sr.'s 12, but if Beal were to go to the playoffs two more times he would tie Phil Chenier for third on the all-time list. Only Unseld Sr. and Elvin Hayes (8) have more than Chenier's seven. If Beal were to go to the playoffs four or five times over the course of his 5-year deal, he would be second only to Unseld Sr. Still, just being in that conversation goes to show Beal has stood out relative to franchise history. The Wizards haven't been a perennial playoff team very often over the years, but Beal has gotten them there relatively frequently compared to other franchise greats.