Beal promises to take 'Crime Tape Beal' to Olympics


As Bradley Beal has ascended to become one of the best scorers in the NBA, he has also become one of the league's most meme-able players. Between his wide range of facial expressions and his famous shrug to a fan, Beal provides a lot of meme fodder for the internet.

One of his classics has been dubbed 'Crime Tape Beal' by NBC Sports Washington's Chris Miller. And as Beal explained to Miller this week, he plans on bringing it to the Olympic stage later this month when Beal and Team USA head to Tokyo.

'Crime Tape Beal' is when he lays on the floor motionless after falling down, usually after he is fouled.

"You're going to see it a lot. I'm gonna try to make sure I only do it on dead-balls and not in the middle of a play. But you're gonna see it, I'm gonna make sure. We're going international now," Beal said.

Beal wasn't only kidding, either. He sees Olympic basketball as a more physical game than the NBA, especially after seeing some clips of past years showed by Team USA's coaching staff. They wanted to prepare the players for a different style of play, one that could naturally lead to more opportunities for 'Crime Tape Beal.'

The more Beal gets hit and falls down, the more chances he has to create memes.

"We watched film before practice. I think it was in Rio, in '16. [Kevin Durant] got fouled so hard. I think somebody like wrapped him around his neck, threw him on the ground. I'm sitting here like 'I'm out, I'm out, I'm out, I'm out. Come get me off this ground,'" Beal joked.


"But it's physical over here, so you're gonna see a lot of Crime Tape Beal. There was another clip. [Chris Paul] got hit by like five screens, illegal screens, in a row. Boom, back of the head, back of the neck, the ribs. He's on the ground, I'm like 'golly.'"

Wizards fans are used to seeing Beal lay still on the ground after getting hit. It doesn't worry them anymore like it may have when he was younger and battled injuries.

But the rest of the world may be taken aback at first. No, he's not unconscious. That's just 'Crime Tape Beal.'

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