Beal on trade rumors: 'A lot of [teams] are calling'


Bradley Beal continues to say much of the same stuff he has said over the past two years when it comes to his name popping up in trade rumors, and that is a good thing for Wizards fans. He is committed to seeing through what he and John Wall have built so far in Washington.

But he also has social media and is exposed to the speculation. And in a recent interview on the 'Old Man and the Three' podcast with J.J. Redick, Beal said the interest is not limited to fans on the internet.

GMs around the league are indeed dialing the '202' area code.

"Teams are trying. A lot of them are calling, a lot of them are inquiring and putting packages together, trying to see if they can get me," he told Redick. "That's not a secret. They've been doing that for the last couple of years."

Beal didn't get into specifics in terms of which teams or anything like that, which isn't surprising. But what he confirmed is what many have speculated, that teams have their eye on him this offseason. That may only be accelerated once free agency begins, as with a relatively weak class, those looking to make a big splash may have to do so via trade.

The Wizards are fortunate that Beal doesn't seem to have a wandering eye. He has a good perspective on all of the noise.


"I don't view it as a distraction. It's kind of a sign of respect and motivation, too. Keep doing what you're doing, keep playing hard, keep being the professional that you are. People like that, people are gravitating towards you," he said.

That should be very good news for Wizards fans. Beal is flattered, but not tempted.

Unless something unforeseen happens, expect Beal and Wall to run it back and reunite as the Wizards' backcourt, whenever the 2020-21 season begins.