The punishment levied by the NBA on Sunday afternoon was good news to the Wizards, especially Bradley Beal who very well could have been suspended for his role in a fight with Draymond Green and the Warriors on Friday night in Oakland.

Beal was fined $50,000, but wasn't suspended. That allowed him to play against the Sacramento Kings and help the Wizards earn a blowout victory to end their road trip.

Beal addressed the media following the win for the first time since his fine was announced.

"I was really happy I wasn’t suspended. That was probably the biggest thing. I knew I was gonna get fined one way or another. I didn’t know it was going to be 50 [thousand]," he said with a smile.

The league didn't suspend Kelly Oubre, Jr., either, despite his involvement. He got a fine, as did Green. The suspensions instead went to Markieff Morris and Carrick Felix of the Wizards.

Both were suspended without pay and that is particularly tough for Felix, who does not have a $32 million contract like Morris. Felix hasn't played in the NBA since the 2013-14 season and was the last guy to make the Wizards' roster out of training camp. 

Felix has spent most of his time in the past several years playing in the D-League for little money in comparison to NBA players. All of that has Beal and other Wizards players planning to help their teammate out.


"I might help him out, man. It was all my fault, anyways," Beal said. "I gotta help my guy out. We might start a Go Fund Me and help out my guy Carrick Felix. He’s gonna need some cash, for sure."

Another shame was that Felix served his suspension for a lopsided game. He would have probably played and it would have been his first NBA game since 2014. Oh well, maybe next time.