‘C’mon Corey!’: Kispert’s extra pass ends Kuzma' triple-double bid


NBA players love triple-doubles. Just ask former Wizard Russell Westbrook, who broke the all-time record in the category last season in Washington threads.

Kyle Kuzma has yet to record a triple-double this season. In fact, he hasn’t recorded a triple-double yet in his career, per Statmuse. He has 16 double-doubles, but that doesn’t quite jump off the page, does it? 

Last night in the Wizards’ 112-106 victory over the Magic, Kuzma was one assist away from notching his first triple-double for Washington.

With 38 seconds left and the Wizards up by six, Kuzma passed it to an open Corey Kispert in the corner. Kispert, a renowned three-point shooter, could’ve taken the shot and iced the game, potentially giving Kuzma a triple-double in the process. That didn’t happen:

You can hear Kuzma shout ‘C’mon Corey!’ as Kispert passed the ball, thus depriving the opportunity of a trip-dub. Kuzma was obviously happy about the win, first and foremost, but a triple-double would’ve been a nice memento to take home. I mean, he does have a championship ring, but we’re talking triple-doubles here!