Next season the NBA will give coaches power they've never had before; the ability to challenge calls on the court. 

And yes, there will be challenge flags. 

Challengable calls include personal fouls, out-of-bounds decisions, and goaltending/ basket-interference, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowksi.

This rule change, which is on a trial basis, will also expand the ability of the NBA's replay center during games. At this point, the full extent of the expansive replay is still unclear.

Basketball becomes the last major sport in the United States to allow challenges, behind football, hockey and baseball. Over the past several seasons, the NBA has grown the number of plays that can be reviewed, especially in late-game situations. The league has also become more transparent in missed calls by their officials and are working toward making them more accountable and explanations for controversial calls.

However, there have been circumstances where there was a questionable whistle on the court and due to the rules, everyone was bound to that call. Now, more power will be with the coaches, officials, and the replay center to get calls correct. 


It is not yet reported that amount of challenges or when the coaches will be allowed to use them. As long as the endings of games are not prolonged more than they already are, the rule changes should be a welcoming addition to NBA games.