Curry steals the show on unlucky lotto night for the Wizards


The main takeaways from NBA Draft Lottery night included the Timberwolves winning the No. 1 overall pick, the Warriors securing the No. 2 pick a year after playing in the NBA Finals, the Knicks falling to No. 8 (LOL) and the Wizards getting the ninth pick two years in a row. 

Oh, and Steph Curry's cornrows. 

Curry has dabbled with different hairstyles in the past, but nothing like this. And in true NBA Twitter form, the memes came out in force. 


As funny as the three-time NBA champion's new hairdo was, you can't argue with the results. The Warriors, after making five consecutive NBA Finals appearances, secured the second overall pick in the draft and could trade it to add to their championship nucleus. 

The Wizards landed the ninth overall pick for the second straight year, so maybe cornrows would've helped Rui Hachimura Thursday night.