Mavericks set NBA record with 50 point halftime lead over Clippers


Heading into halftime of their first meeting with the Clippers, the Mavericks held a 50 point lead over them. You read that right: fifty points, five-o. That is the largest halftime lead in NBA history, and while it is still very early in the season, this might say a lot about what we can expect from both teams.

The Clippers are clearly feeling the absence of their All-Star small forward, Kawhi Leonard, who suffered a gruesome jaw injury at the hands of teammate Serge Ibaka on Christmas Day. But even that cannot explain the embarrassing 77-27 point discrepancy.

The whopping scoreline has already drawn plenty of jokes from around the league. Those with the Clippers coming up on their schedule are probably itching to play them before Kawhi returns.

Unfortunately for the Wizards, they won’t meet the Clippers until February 23. To their good fortune, they won’t have to meet the Mavericks anytime soon either.

With just the first half of the NBA schedule released so far, the Wizards, who have struggled on defense in the opening games of the season, still don’t have a meeting with the Mavs on the books yet.

But if this is any indication of Dallas’ offensive power this season, they better be ready.

The game finished with a final score of 124-73, making it the largest loss in Clippers franchise history.