Exactly 18 years ago, Michael Jordan came out of his retirement a second time to join the Washington Wizards.

The 38-year-old signed a deal with the Wizards for two years in 2001, three years after his second retirement from the Chicago Bulls.

Jordan sold his 10% stake in the Wizards and stepped down from his position as their president of basketball operations in order to join the team. He also donated his first-year $1 million salary to victims of 9/11.

With Washington, Jordan started in 120 games and averaged just over a 40% field goal percentage with a 24.1% three-point percentage. Though his stats weren't as strong as in Chicago, Jordan still made some memorable plays with the Wizards, like this block/steal of Ron Mercer.

Prior to breaking his three-year retirement, Jordan had played over a dozen seasons in Chicago -- with a one-year retirement during the 1993-94 season. Four seasons later, Jordan retired for a second time before signing with the Wizards.


The hope was that Jordan, who led Chicago to six championships in 13 seasons, could revive Washington's role in the playoffs. That never came to fruition, and Jordan announced his retirement a third and final time after the 2002-03 season.