Doc Rivers blames Sam Cassell for Beal's 60-point game


When a player drops 60 points on a team, expect that opponent to be on high alert the next time it sees that man on the court again. 

For the Sixers, Bradley Beal torched them up and down the court in a career-best scoring night in January. As NBC Sports Washington's Chris Miller told the story on Wizards Pregame Live Friday, he asked Sixers head coach Doc Rivers if he picked up any intel on how to defend Beal while he was his head coach during the NBA All-Star game on Sunday. 

While Rivers didn't learn anything new, he shared who the Sixers ended up blaming for that offensive explosion by the Wizards star. 

"[Rivers] goes, 'No not really, I pretty much know this guy is a walking bucket,'" Miller said. "I said, 'Yeah it's because of that 60-ball he put on you,' and he goes, 'Yeah we blamed Sam Cassell.' As we all know, Sam Cassell was here during the early days of Brad, so Doc actually started blaming Sam Cassell for the fact that he had no intel on how to stop Brad during that 60-point game."

Cassell, who's been an assistant for Rivers since he was with the Clippers in 2014, coached Beal from 2012-14 while he was on Randy Wittman's staff in Washington. He most notably made a significant impact on Beal and John Wall's development into one of the best young backcourts in the East, so if anyone knows the raw talent Beal has it should be Cassell. 


What he might not have taken into account is how much Beal has improved as a basketball player, especially over the last two seasons. He's gone from secondary off-ball threat playing off of Wall's playmaking to becoming the NBA's leading scorer. On some nights, it doesn't matter what the defense throws at Beal, he's going to score at will. 

So even if Cassell drew up a defensive scheme centered around stopping Beal, there's a slim chance it would even work. 

The Sixers will look to keep Beal under 60 Friday night at Capital One Arena.