Draymond Green tells Paul Pierce to 'shut up' about LeBron


Never one to back down from a fight, or any controversy, Warriors star Draymond Green is making headlines again after going after former Celtics star Paul Pierce.

Pierce, who spent a season in Washington late in his career, made waves saying players in the NBA today are scared of LeBron James, and that his generation of players were never scared.

Green, who of course is a member of the current generation of stars playing against James, didn't appreciate this comments. On his Instagram story, he called out Pierce, telling him to enjoy retirement before pointing out that Pierce still fears LeBron and needs to "shut up."

Green and Pierce already had a history of extreme trash talk and mutual dislike, and now the latter is defending himself and James against his former rival.

The NBA is at its best when its stars have some beef with one another, and with Green expanding his presence during TV coverage this postseason with the Warriors not playing in the bubble, his platform is bigger than ever.