Brian Windhorst sat down for an interview with NBC Sports Washington’s Wizards Talk Podcast. Click below for the full interview.

After 16-years with the Washington Wizards, Ernie Grunfeld is out of a job, and the Wizards are looking to fill the position as soon as possible. 

Many names have circulated the internet, including speculation on who would be willing to take over a team that finished well below .500 and failed to make the playoffs.

ESPN's Brian Windhorst joined Chris Miller on the Wizards Talk Podcast to discuss his new book, "LeBron Inc.: The Making of a Billion-Dollar Athlete." Windhorst also weighed-in on the Wizards' GM search.

“Well, first off, the Wizards’ job is a very coveted job," Windhorst said. "Number one, it’s in a good market.”


Windhorst went on to say that the new Wizards' GM will work in an ideal environment under majority owner, Ted Leonsis.

“I think one of the things I could say about Ted Leonsis that would be the highest praise for him, he’s a curious owner. What I mean by that is that he’s willing to invest in new opportunities, invest in new strategies and technologies, but he’s not an overbearing owner. He’s shown great willingness to give his front office space to work," Windhorst said. 


"That’s the ideal owner in today’s NBA: Someone who will invest but someone who will not stare over your shoulder, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s an attractive job."

One aspect that Windhorst discussed is the Wizards' decision on whether or not they will look to available "free agents," or go after someone who may already have a job but would be pulled to an attractive opportunity such as Washington.

Windhorst threw out names such as Danny Ferry, who, according to the Washington Post, interviewed for the position this past Tuesday.

"[Ferry] has an incredible track record, Washington, D.C. background, has built two, sixty win teams. Which, pretty impressive if you ask me. He doesn’t get credit for it, but he should," Windhorst said.

Windhorst also discussed other big names such as Tim Connelly and Tommy Sheppard as potential candidates for the position but left off on a cryptic note.

“I’m specifically being vague when I say ‘going after other guys with jobs, there may be another name or two that I’m not willing to say just yet who may be on the Wizards’ list.”

You can listen to the full Wizards Talk Podcast with Brian Windhorst right here: