Stories of Michael Jordan's opponents either being on the other end of trash talk or failing miserably at trash-talking him are legendary, and former NBA player Walt Williams told a great one on this week's episode of the "Wizards Talk" podcast.

Host Chris Miller asked Williams for his best M.J. stories in light of the upcoming ESPN documentary "Last Dance," and Williams did not disappoint. He vividly remembers his first time ever playing against Jordan, way back in 1992 when Williams was on the Kings.

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"My first preseason, my rookie year, it was our last preseason game and we were playing in, I believe, Sioux Falls or somewhere like that. We were playing the Bulls and I flew into town and had the game that day, so I didn't know any plays or anything like that," Williams recalled. "But I got my opportunity to play against him. I matched up against Scottie Pippen in that game, actually, but this one play we were running the pick-and-roll. Mitch Richmond, who was my teammate, with Jordan guarding Mitch and Pippen guarding me. We ran the three-two pick-and-roll with me handling the ball. We assumed that they were going to switch and I'm supposed to throw the ball to Mitch and have him iso against Scottie.



"But when they switched, I just had this flash in my head like 'oh my goodness, Jordan is guarding me. I could tell my boys I got a bucket on Jordan.' So, I waved Mitch off. I waved Mitch off because I wanted to work this iso against Jordan. So, back in them days, back in my day, I had a nice [crossover]. Everyone talks about Allen Iverson's crossover, but I had a nice crossover, man. That footwork was nice. So, I set Jordan up with it and he stuck his hand in between and stole it and did the emblem on me on a dunk on the other end. Then, he turned around and looked at me and said 'hey man, we watch film up here. I knew you was about to do that fake crossover.' That's when I learned my lesson about it's a different level in how you gotta play in the NBA."

That's just classic. It was the preseason and Williams had yet to play a regular season NBA game, yet Jordan knew the book on him and told him all about it afterwards.

That's Jordan for you.

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