Few agree on Wizards' pick, but Okongwu and Vassell are the favorites

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The Wizards will pick ninth overall in the 2020 NBA Draft, which doesn't exactly narrow down their options for those trying to forecast which direction they will go. That has led to a wide range of predictions from NBA media outlets around the internet.

Basically, there is no consensus in what player the Wizards will take, and that means we could all be in for another surprise on draft night. Few thought they would take Rui Hachimura at No. 9 last year and the same for the year before when they drafted Troy Brown Jr. at 15th.

The two favorites for the Wizards this year seem to be Onyeka Okongwu of USC and Devin Vassell of Florida State. Both would add defense, which the Wizards desperately need. Okongwu would give them rim protection and Vassell would provide length on the wing. 

Here is a roundup of the NBA mock drafts that were updated following Thursday's lottery, and what they think the Wizards will do...

NBC Sports Washington - Killian Hayes, G, France

"The Wizards taking a guard might surprise some people, but Hayes would make sense for them because of his versatility and long-term upside. In the short-term, he could back up John Wall and possibly play alongside him and Bradley Beal in three-guard lineups. And at just 18 years old, he could be entering his prime right when Wall, who turns 30 next month, is leaving his. Hayes has serious star potential that would be difficult to pass up just because someone else fits a need."


Sports Illustrated - Devin Vassell, G/F, Florida State

"Washington has designs on making the playoffs next season, and a close-to-readymade wing who can knock down shots and make a positive impact defensively with his length is pretty much what the doctor ordered for this particular roster."

The Ringer - Onyeka Okongwu, C, USC

"Do-it-all big with rare versatility as a defender. Always competes and has a knack for making big plays."


CBS Sports - Obi Toppin, PF, Dayton

"Washington needs a lot of help in a lot of different places, but Obi Toppin fits the biggest need and has the most potential star power... The hope is that those lob finishes would come from a healthy Brad Beal and John Wall in a core the front office clearly isn't ready to give up on just yet."

SB Nation - Tyrese Haliburton, G, Iowa State

"Haliburton is not the type of guard who breaks down the defense off the dribble and puts consistent pressure on the rim, meaning he’ll likely be at his best as a secondary ball handler. Add in his terrific defensive instincts — his 3.8 steal rate ranked top-40 in America — and Haliburton looks like a nice complementary piece if not exactly a future star."

NBA Draft Net - Devin Vassell, G/F, Florida State

"One of the most athletic wings in this year’s NBA draft … Shows a lot of promise as a wing that can contribute on both ends of the floor … High flyer. Explosive leaper."

Forbes - Devin Vassell, G/F, Florida State

"Quality 3-and-D wings are tremendously valuable in today's NBA, and Vassell projects as one of the most promising such prospects in this class."


Sporting News - Onyeka Okongwu, C, USC

"Alongside John Wall, Bradley Beal and Davis Bertans, Okongwu would have a natural role and be a welcome addition to one of the league's worst defenses."

Uproxx - Devin Vassell, G/F, Florida State

"The best-case scenario for the Wizards might be Okongwu falling to No. 9, as Washington desperately needs a competent long-term option at center. That isn’t available here, though, and Vassell is both the best player available and a snug fit."