FIRST LOOK: Russell Westbrook officially in a Wizards uniform


Seeing Russell Westbrook in a Wizards uniform is going to take a minute to get used to. 

As the Wizards prepare for the season in a couple of weeks, they of course still have to do the usual preseason photoshoots, even though they're far less crowded than in normal years.

This gave us a chance to finally move on from all the photoshopped pictures of Westbrook in a Wizards uniform, instead seeing the real thing (and as an extra bonus it's a video too! Isn't this your lucky day...):

Sure there's plenty of questions surrounding this move and how it's going to look on the court, but one thing's for sure, there's a ton of attention on this Wizards backcourt now, and the addition of No. 4 is the main reason. 

Hopefully, he's smiling like that during the season too, but if we're honest with ourselves that might be the last smile we see from Westbrook given the fact that he's notorious for playing angry and hating everyone he faces on a nightly basis. 

Luckily he's in Washington now though, so he can go ahead and hate everyone not in a Wizards uniform as much as he wants, as long as it leads to wins. 

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