Former Wizards F Kelly Oubre gets Washington Nationals tattoo


Kelly Oubre Jr. is one of the most beloved former Washington Wizards players of the team's recent history after an underwhelming trade sent the young high-flyer to the Phoenix Suns for Trevor Ariza. I'll spare all the details of why the trade was abysmal, and won't mention the name of the second longest-tenured general manager in Wizards franchise history, to deliver you a cool "happening" that may put a quick smile on your face.

Wednesday night, Oubre took to Instagram to share his recent "Love Wins" tattoos which he had placed on eight of his fingers. Each finger features a letter of the phrase in a different font, and if you look closely, Oubre's left index finger features a curly Washington Nationals "W."

Take a look.

Did you smile?

Washington drafted Oubre 15th overall in the 2015 draft, and upon arrival, he was extremely active within the D.C. community, specifically through his work with the Duke Ellington School of the Arts with year-long visits and scholarships.

“Peek your head into a classroom, that’s me,” Oubre said during one of his visits. “Things in this school would be out of my comfort zone, but if you look at it as a whole -- fashion, art, music, dance, all of those are the creative things that make me happy inside.”

Oubre has always had grand ambitions outside of basketball which includes fashion and graphic design, so this unique artistic handpiece comes as no surprise to many. 


"I do graphic designs. I’ll draw something every once in a while. Music is definitely something big for me, too — whatever you need it to be. I make a lot of videos, make a lot of different dope pictures and stuff like that," Oubre said in a 2016 interview with former Wizards Insider J. Michael.

Moving past the surface of Oubre tattooing the Nationals logo on his finger, the phrase "Love Wins" recently emerged on social media to commemorate the victory of marriage equality while also addressing the issue of inequality by seeking to invoke the one thing that can unite all: love.

Oubre, 24, averaged 18.7 points and 6.4 rebounds last season for the Suns. At one point he was being considered the Suns' third-best player, but then his season abruptly came to an end when he tore his meniscus. Now, it seems as though Phoenix is going through the same internal conflict Washington went through a couple of seasons ago:

Trade Tsunami Papi or keep him in the fold of an extremely young and talented team?

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