NBA journeyman and former Wizards' forward Kris Humphries penned his retirement Tuesday with a heartful post in the Players Tribune.

Humphries, who played for the Wizards from 2014-2016, was a reliable contributor whether in the starting lineup or coming in off the pine. 

Humphries gained widespread attention for his highly publicized relationship with television star Kim Kardashian. The two constantly were in the public eye after their marriage dissolved after just 72 days. 

The University of Minnesota standout discussed the struggles he faced after the public backlash to his marriage and how his strong support circle helped him get past issues with anxiety and helped him with his mental health.

Humphries was a household name in the Association, and will be remembered for his grit on the hardwood and for his impact as terrific teammate who left it all on the floor. 

"I hope that true fans of basketball remember me as a grinder, as a guy who transformed into a heck of a rebounder, and as a guy who always tried to put the game in the best light," Humphries said.