Beal claps back after analyst uses his name to disparage Kyrie Irving


FOX Sports analyst Nick Wright went on a rant talking trash about Kyrie Irving and used not one, but two Wizards references as ammunition. One of those references was to Bradley Beal, who responded and does not seem pleased to have his name brought into the conversation.

It all started with a discussion about Irving's recent claim he was a better late-game option than LeBron James when the two of them played in Cleveland. It was a fairly absurd thing to say and Irving was rightly called out for it.

But Wright just had to bring the Wizards into it. First, he called Irving a not-as-good Agent Zero.

"We could say that if not for LeBron James, Kyrie is just a less-interesting Gilbert Arenas without the 29 points-per-game season," Wright said.

Then, Wright brought up Beal in a way that really came off like he was taking a swipe at the Wizards' shooting guard.

"Listen, I'm happy for 'Bradley Beal with a ring,' but that's what Kyrie is but he thinks he's someone else," Wright said.

'Bradley Beal with a ring' on the face of it doesn't sound too insulting. Beal is a very good player. With a ring, he would probably be on his way to the Hall of Fame.

But the way Wright used Beal seemingly as an example of a player who isn't special was arguably unfair and that appears to be the way Beal sees it himself. Here's what he tweeted to Wright on the matter:


Wright then sort of walked it back and Beal seemed to accept his apology. You can judge for yourself on that one.

Whichever side you fall on, we should all be able to agree Beal is too good to be used as a comparitive insult.