Wizards GM wants to draft player consistent in these three areas


The NBA Draft is next week, which means for Tommy Sheppard and the Washington Wizards, an extensive pre-draft process filled with film study and phone calls has almost reached its conclusion.

The general manager recently joined NBC Sports Washington's Chris Miller to reflect on the pre-draft journey and what the Wizards are looking for in whatever prospect they select with the No. 9 pick.

"What we're looking for is consistency of performance, consistency of your competitive gene, and consistency of your character," Sheppard said. "That doesn't start when you get to college.

"We construct a timeline of players from when they are 15 to where they are presently," Sheppard continued. "What teams did they play on? Who do we know from those teams? It's almost like a fingerprint that follows you everywhere, and it's hard to fool us. Can't con an honest man."

Sheppard admitted that while Washington does have a lot of expectations for its future selection, it's on the organization to help groom his development.

"Can you grow in your role? Where can we project you?" Sheppard said. "A lot of that is on us to develop him, nurture him, and make him the best player too."