Popovich has tense exchange after Team USA's loss


Maybe it was tensions running high after a second consecutive loss for Team USA, or just Gregg Popovich being Gregg Popovich. But after the United States lost to Australia on Monday night, Popovich took issue with a reporter's question and it led to an awkward and tense exchange between the two.

The question, from Joe Vardon of the Athletic, was directed towards Damian Lillard. He asked about games involving the U.S. men's team being more lopsided in years past, and how now teams like Nigeria and Australia are not just playing them close, but beating them.


After Lillard was done answering the question, Popovich said he wanted to answer it, too. That's when he launched accusations of the reporter "[assuming] things that are not true." Vardon couldn't be heard as he fired back, as Popovich repeatedly asked if he could finish.

Lillard's face tells part of the story. At one point he starts to smile, then leans forward as if he just then realized Popovich wasn't joking. He was just an innocent bystander through it all.

Popovich clearly wasn't happy after another loss. The only good news is it was an exhibition game. They have some time to figure things out before the actual Olympics start in Tokyo later this month.