NBA players requesting trades is not uncommon in the offseason and for most teams, the offseason is now. What is uncommon is players publicly discussing those wishes and naming specific teams they would like to be traded to.

That's exactly what Dennis Schroder has done. The Hawks point guard spoke at-length about his future in a press conference in Germany, where he is from. Schroder said he would like a trade from the Hawks and ideally to either the Bucks or the Pacers.

“Those are the two teams where you can say the organization is going in the right direction," Schroder said.

The transcript was first posted to Twitter by FIBA reporter David Hein.

Schroder, who turns 26 in September before training camp begins, just wrapped up his fifth season in the NBA. He is a good point guard, but is not an All-Star and doesn't shoot at a high percentage. Surely some teams would be interested in him, though many teams are already set at the position.

Perhaps working in Atlanta's favor, if they do end up trading Schroder, is that his contract is pretty fair for what he offers. He is due $15.5 million each of the next three seasons.

Schroder is arguably an above average point guard and his salary ranks 13th at the position. That will look more and more favorable as other guys get paid.

The most interesting part of Schroder's request is that he chose the Bucks and Pacers. Both are good organizations, as he says, but they each have point guards who are on Schroder's level or better.


Milwaukee has Eric Bledsoe, who is under contract next season. Indiana has Darren Collison, who is an impending free agent, but might be signed for less than Schroder, led the NBA in three-point percentage and has impressive efficiency numbers on both ends of the floor.

Schroder can probably get his wish, but he may want to expand his wishlist.

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