Before we begin, hear us out. The current Washington Wizards jerseys are awesome -- actually, one of them made it into NBC Sports Washington's Chase Hughes' "10 best Wizards/Bullets jerseys in franchise history to own."

However earlier this month SBNation's Pete Rogers redesigned each NBA team's jersey for fun and the Wizards edit is clean! 

Let's break it down ... 

This proposed jersey plays off the away version of the Wizards' "Icon Edition," digs. The Icon Edition series represents each of the unique franchises. Each has its own identity that separates them from the other 29 franchises, paying tribute to the iconic nature of each club. 


The most notable change is the resized color blocking -- the white stripe, typically larger across the chest, is shrunk and moved upwards more towards the neckline. While it is a small adjustment, it adds a cleaner and more minimalistic feel to a color scheme that already works. 

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Continuing off the minimalistic and clean theme, Rogers also removed the white trim that runs along each side of the jersey, starting at the shoulder, and also the neck trim. This decision brings a more modern feel to the jersey, seeing as though most NBA teams use it (and have for quite some time), but also makes the jersey look more similar to that of Summer League uniforms. Some people like them, some don't. 

Personally, we think they're fire and with a recent trend of NBA teams retroing their old jerseys who's to say we won't see another new on-court combination next season? 

See more of Rogers' designs over at faketeams.com.

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