Here's three things we learned about Robin Lopez's eating habits


For NBA players, road trips can be an adjustment. A different city every day or so, the bed doesn't feel quite as good as the one at home, and of course, there's no home cooking.

For the 2020-21 season, that aspect of the game has become even more challenging due to the coronavirus pandemic. Not only are players thrown off their eating routines on the road, to begin with, but with only select restaurants approved for dining on the road, it's hotel room service food that has become the standard.

Navigating that list of options can be tricky, given that a hotel dining service doesn't have the same reputation and reviews as a five-star restaurant. However, it appears that Wizards center Robin Lopez has begun to get his room service diet down to a science.

In a recent piece by The Ringer, multiple NBA players including Lopez were interviewed about their dos and don'ts when it comes to dining in their hotel room. Here are three things we learned about how Lopez attacks the menu

1. He thinks salads are arrogant

"I generally will not order a salad. I guess I haven't tried an extremely pro-salad diet, but just glancing at it from the outside, it doesn't seem like it would do a lot for me," Lopez said. "It almost seems like egregiously healthy, arrogantly healthy. I'm ordering a salad, look at me, look how healthy I'm being."


2. He used to eat Marie Callender fettuccini alfredo

"I'm a big pasta guy. It's simple for me. Any pasta with red sauce is easy for me. I used to love Alfredo sauce back in high school with the Marie Callender's fettuccini Alfredo, but now I've just had too much of that. So I've always gotta go with the red sauce," Lopez said. "Most room service pasta is pretty similar. Occasionally you'll go down to, I don't know, San Antonio, and you'll get something maybe a little south-of-the-border inspired."

3. Seafood?

"A lot of my decisions, it's not based so much on health. But if I'm in a hotel, I always feel like, OK, I'm there for a game, I'm there for business, but I feel like I'm kind of on a mini vacation, too," Lopez said. "So if I'm gonna get seafood, I feel like I'm treating myself on my little mini vacation."

For a full breakdown of what Lopez eats and what he avoids, check out the full story from The Ringer