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So what is Bradley Beal thinking about his contract extension?

Nothing, he told NBC Sports Washington's Chris Miller in the latest episode of Wizards Talk podcast.

"Honestly you might slap me, but I haven't thought about it," Beal said. "I'm just getting better and letting my agent, Tommy [Sheppard] and everybody else deal with it.

"I just go hoop. Every day I see somebody and they ask 'Beal, you leaving?' and I'm like 'I'm still living in D.C., I ain't going nowhere.'"

The extension, projected to be worth $111 million over three years, would commit Beal to the Wizards for three years.

And while Beal may be focusing on getting ready for the upcoming season and leaving the business part to his agent and the Wizards front office, he is aware that fans would like an answer.

"It's hard to avoid it. I have a phone so I see it all," Beal said. "I can post a picture of Deuce and someone will be like 'man, he needs some Miami sun!' and I'm like 'ok?'

"It's a great thing that a lot of people love your game and want you on their team, but I love the situation I have too."

Beal has until October 21 to make the decision.