How did Brooks celebrate Wizards' miracle win? With a White Claw


It's been a challenging three weeks for the Wizards and head coach Scott Brooks. 

A COVID-19 outbreak resulted in six positive tests on the roster and six postponed games to be made up at a later date. Then when Washington was finally able to get back on the floor, it lost its first four games to beatable opponents, dropping to the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings. 

So after his team scored eight points in eight seconds to stun Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and the Nets to snap a losing streak and get his team back in the win column, Brooks celebrated with a beverage typically reserved for a hot day at the beach.

"It was the first game all year I had a White Claw," Brooks said after the game. "I wanted to enjoy it."

Brooks gave his preference too. He explained how he flat out doesn't like the mango flavored hard seltzer and prefers raspberry. 

The head coach isn't interested in becoming a White Claw spokesman, he was just happy to finally see his team get a win after one of the most brutal stretches of his Wizards tenure. 

"This is a good feeling," he said. "I wanted the players to enjoy it. We fought, we fought hard and we had nothing right going for us. The basketball gods gave us a break tonight."

Bradley Beal on the other hand, wasn't in a celebratory mood after the game. It was an incredible ending, probably the team's best win of the year in Russell Westbrook's best performance as a Wizard. Still, Beal acknowledged how there's still work to be done - and no White Claws for him. 


"I’m going home to my wife and kids, man," Beal said when asked how he planned to celebrate. "We got more work to do. No celebration in the Beal household."

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