How John Wall's contract compares to Russell Westbrook's


The Houston Rockets appear to be openly shopping their two stars, including a potential Russell Westbrook-for-John Wall trade with the Wizards, according to The Athletic's Shams Charania. 

The reason this deal would be so compelling is because it's not often that lucrative NBA contracts match up for a straight up trade. Though Charania reported the Rockets are looking for more assets, which makes sense when you consider what Houston gave up to acquire Westbrook for Chris Paul in that deal with Oklahoma City, a like-for-like trade could end up making some sense if Houston is prepared to rebuild and if Washington is serious about showing Bradley Beal it wants to win now.

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In fact, their contracts are practically as identical as their playing styles: ball-dominant explosive point guards who struggle shooting from the outside with any kind of consistency.

Nonetheless, let's take a look at the exact contractual terms and numbers, as outlined by Spotrac, for if a potential Wall-Westbrook deal were to go down. 

John Wall

Age: 30

Overall contract: $171,131,520 over 4 years, began in 2019-20 season

Years left on contract: 3, player option for 2022-23 season

Guaranteed money in 2020-21: $41,254,920

2021-22: $44,310,840

2022-23: $47,366,760

Russell Westbrook

Age: 32

Overall contract: $206,794,070 over 5 years, began in 2018-19 season


Years left on contract: 3, player option for 2022-23 season

Guaranteed money in 2020-21: $41,358,814

2021-22: $44,211,146

2022-23: $47,063,478

The annual average of their salaries is almost identical over the next three years, so this deal would ultimately come down to one thing for each team: Houston getting the best value for Westbrook in a potential trade and Washington maximizing its play on the court.