The offseason arrived earlier than expected for the Wizards, who fell short of their preseason goals with a first round playoff exit. It is setting up to be an important summer for the franchise, as they determine what went wrong and how to fix it. 

The next few months could usher in plenty of change for the Wizards. Here are some dates to consider between now and the start of the 2018-19 season...

May 15: NBA draft lottery

This won't pertain to the Wizards, who are set to pick 15th overall in the 2018 draft due to their record relative to other playoff teams. The last time they picked 15th overall was 2015 when they selected Kelly Oubre, Jr. out of Kansas.

May 16-20: NBA draft combine

The Wizards will keep close tabs on the annual event as they hold two draft picks after not drafting anyone in each of the past two seasons. They also now have a G-League roster to fill out, which means they will be casting a much wider net scouting prospects.

May 30: Last day for early entrants to withdraw from the NBA draft and retain their NCAA eligibility.

This will be of note to the Wizards and not just because of the draft. Their G-League team is going to include some guys that just miss the cut in the second round. 

June 11: Deadline for all early entrants to withdraw from the NBA draft


Same with the last note.

June 17: NBA Finals Game 7 (if necessary)

Once the NBA Finals are over, the offseason actually begins for everybody.

June 21: 2018 NBA Draft

The Wizards are set to have their most active draft night in years. With the 15th pick, they have a lot of possibilities and it looks to be a fairly stacked draft class.

June 25: NBA awards show

It's unlikely that any Wizards players will earn awards this season, but this is the day the debates over who should win MVP between James Harden and LeBron James will finally be settled.

June 29: Last day for decisions on player, team and early termination options

The Wizards have two players to watch for this deadline, as Jason Smith and Jodie Meeks have player options. Smith is set to make $5.45 million and Meeks is set to earn $3.45 million.

June 30: Last day of the 2017-18 NBA league year; Last day for teams to make qualifying offers to players eligible for restricted free agency

Though the Finals will have ended weeks earlier, this is when the offseason officially begins. It is also the deadline for making qualifying offers, which is not something that applies to any current Wizards players.

July 1: Start of the 2018-19 NBA league year; July moratorium begins

This is a big day. Teams can start agreeing to terms with free agents and that includes offer sheets for restricted free agents. In addition to the Wizards and their plans, it will be fascinating to watch where LeBron ends up and the domino effect his decision will create. Rookie scale contracts and two-way deals are also able to be signed on this day. 

July 6: July moratorium ends

This is when free agent contracts can officially be signed. The same goes for contract extensions and the completion of trades. 

July 13: Last day for teams to withdraw qualifying offers to restricted free agents

Again, does not pertain to the Wizards.

July 15: Last day for teams to sign first round picks

The Wizards are set to draft in the first round, so this technically matters to them, though signing first-round picks is generally a straight-forward process.

August 31: Last day for teams to waive players and apply the stretch provision to their 2018-19 salaries

It is hard to tell at this point whether the Wizards will be affected by this. Don't bet on it.

Late September (TBA): Training camps open

This is when it all begins. The Wizards hold their training camp in Richmond, Va.

(h/t NBA.com and hoopsrumors.com)

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