Isaiah Thomas has been part of seven different organizations now that he has joined the Wizards and has eight years of NBA experience under his belt, but he's never had a teammate quite like Bradley Beal.

The best player Thomas has ever been around is LeBron James. But after that? Beal might be the second-best teammate he's had, according to him.

"I mean, other than playing with LeBron James, I haven't played with an All-Star caliber guy like that, that's dynamic who can not just shoot at a high level but can make plays for himself and can make plays for his teammates. Also, he plays at the other end at a high level as well," Thomas told NBC Sports Washington.

Thomas, 30, has had a lot of good teammates over the years. In Sacramento, he played with DeMarcus Cousins, but before Boogie reached his peak powers. He had Goran Dragic in Phoenix, but Beal is better than he was at the time. 

Thomas also had Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose and Kevin Love in Cleveland, but Wade and Rose were well past their prime and Love was having a down year due to injuries. And though Thomas had All-NBA center Nikola Jokic as a teammate in Denver last season, Thomas barely played due to his own injury issues.

Consider the total package that Beal brings as a versatile two-way player, and it's hard to make a definitive argument against Thomas' claim. That goes to show just how good Beal has become at this stage of his career, to stand out like that to Thomas, who has been around the block.


"He's one of the best guards to play the game. He's very talented," Thomas said. "From afar I've always liked his game, other than when we was battling and talking trash."

Beal and Thomas, of course, went at it in some infamous battles between the Wizards and Celtics back when they were locked in a rivalry that culminated with a second-round playoff duel in 2017. They were once enemies, but now they are set to share the backcourt together and Thomas is looking forward to it.