Thomas pokes fun at Herro's comments on falling in the draft


Everyone loves a great underdog story, and no team has personified the term better than the Heat in the playoffs. At points, they've played so well they don't even seem like underdogs. 

Nevertheless, nobody expected the Heat to make the NBA Finals. A big part of their postseason success has been the emergence of rookie win Tyler Herro, who unsurprisingly has his own specific chip on his shoulder after getting picked 13th in the 2020 NBA Draft. 

Before the NBA Finals began, Herro mentioned in a press conference on how he remembers each of the 12 players selected in front of him. It's not a particularly hard task to remember 12 names, but if it works for him, who's anybody to argue?

We've seen this bit before with Draymond Green, who can remember 34 players picked in front of him.

But then there's former Wizards guard Isaiah Thomas, who was selected 60th overall in 2011 and was right there to remind Herro that there are tiers to getting overlooked in the NBA Draft.

It was clear Thomas was a draft-night steal right off the bat when he averaged 11.5 points his rookie year, 13.9 his second and then 20.3 in Year 3. It wasn't until 2015 when he got traded to the Celtics where he really his stride as an All-Star.

If history tells us anything, if a draft steal hits right away, don't let him go. The Kings and Suns let Thomas slip away and they've been worse for the wear because of it. However, the Heat aren't exactly the franchise to cause self-inflicted wounds when it comes to roster building.