Ish Smith: John Wall's impact on D.C. community is unmatched


It only took one year for Ish Smith to notice just how much John Wall did for the D.C. community. 

Between providing rent relief to Ward 8 residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, hot meals to frontline healthcare workers, playing a part in the Wizards' movement for racial justice and giving out free turkeys on Thanksgiving Day, Wall's impact on D.C. shouldn't be forgotten.

Now that he's been traded to the Rockets in exchange for Russell Westbrook, Smith made sure to recognize what the city is going to miss off the court. 

"What John Wall did here for this city, for this community man, it's un-freakin-matched," Smith told NBC Sports Washington's Chris Miller. "And I've seen it just in one year. Like the 202, him getting [rent relief] to the people going through COVID-19, giving out turkeys. The man, the giver that man is, I must say he left his mark on this city and I think the city will miss him."

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As Smith pointed out, there's going to be another John Wall, Bradley Beal, etc. Players have been cycling through the NBA for decades. Not everyone can make a lasting impact on the court like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, but any player can make a difference in their communities. 


To Smith, that's the most important thing a player can do in his career. 

"The impact you make on people's lives, and communities and the families you impacted and are able to bless and help get on their feet in tough situations," Smith said. "That's what's important and what he did in this community, they are going to miss him more than anyone else. 

"You get blessed so you can bless others and I think John, he's done that throughout this whole community," Smith said.