Ish Smith views Wall-Westbrook trade as a win-win


John Wall reportedly wanted out of Washington and was ultimately dealt to the Rockets. Russell Westbrook reportedly wanted to be traded as well and is now teammates with Bradley Beal. Both the Wizards and Rockets are trying to be competitive next season and swapped All-Star point guards. 

Can this blockbuster trade be considered a win-win? Wizards guard Ish Smith thinks so, especially for the players involved. 

"I truly do [think it's a win-win]," Smith told NBC Sports Washington's Chris Miller. "If you really want to know my true heart, I think sometimes as people we see situations and we don't like change. We just don't. I've always had this saying, 'My next move is the best move.'"

Smith knows all too well what it's like to change teams. Over 10 years in the NBA, he's played for 11 teams, including Westbrook's Thunder in 2015-16. For better or worse, he's fully aware of what a change of scenery can do to a player and in both Wall and Westbrook's case, he thinks it will help them both. 

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"Sometimes a change of scenery can be a chip on your shoulder," he said. "And I'm gonna tell you this man, [Wall] is gonna be a freakin animal next year. This is why I say it's a win-win. Both probably needed a change of scenery and both have this chip on their shoulder like, 'I'm still a bad boy, watch this.'"


Wall and Westbrook were widely considered two of the best and most athletic point guards in the NBA during their primes. It's part of the reason why both of them are earning supermax money, but now each of them is working to reclaim their status in the league. 

In that case, as difficult as it is to move on from one situation to another, Wall and Westbrook's outlook for this year could be better on December 3 than it was on December 1. 

"I think it's a good trade for both," he said. "Obviously you don't want change, you don't want to move, but I think the next move is the best move for both of them."