Isiah Thomas, MJ's rival, calls LeBron the GOAT


Isiah Thomas played against Michael Jordan many times and the two were infamous rivals, yet Thomas says LeBron James is the greatest player he's ever seen.

Given Thomas is 59 years old and likely started watching hoops in the 1960s or 1970s, that essentially means he thinks James is the G.O.A.T. He also played against others that would be in the conversation like Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Here's what Thomas tweeted on Thursday:

Well, isn't that interesting. He's not the first person on Twitter to make this assertion, but his opinion carries with it both some weight and reason for skepticism.

On one hand, Thomas himself is one of the 30 or so best players in NBA history. He won two NBA titles, a Finals MVP award and is in the Hall of Fame.

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But he also, as it was well-documented in the 'Last Dance' series by ESPN, has reason for an axe to grind against Jordan, who most believe played a role in Thomas being left off the 1992 "Dream Team." As the documentary also detailed, Jordan and Thomas had it out for each other after Thomas' Pistons walked off the floor without shaking hands after a playoff loss to the Bulls.

So, in a way it would be more surprising if Thomas said Jordan was the G.O.A.T., as that would require setting aside his pride to a high-profile degree most of us could never relate to. And because of that, it's unlikely Thomas' opinion will sway many on the matter.


Not that the Jordan-James debate will ever be settled, of course.