Joe Biden might want to get on those well wishes in a more timely fashion.

But, since he's running for President and a little busy with everything going on with Donald Trump and Ukraine, it's understandable he might not be totally up-to-date.

The former Vice President and Delaware Senator sent WNBA MVP former University of Delaware star Elena Delle Donne good wishes for her recovery from a small herniated disk in her back.

Delle Donne, who left Game 2 of the series early with back pain, was questionable to play in Game 3 as of Saturday. So one small thing about Biden's tweet: She was already announced to be available for Game 3 before the tweet went out wishing her a speedy recovery. 

That being said, the well-wishes are always a nice gesture. And, her back is still something that fans and the Mystics are keeping a close watch on.