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John Wall and Bradley Beal have decided on a nickname for Capital One Arena

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John Wall and Bradley Beal have decided on a nickname for Capital One Arena

The debates, as spirited as they were, can now effectively end. Wizards stars John Wall and Bradley Beal have agreed on a nickname for Capital One Arena.

Drumroll, please. The building formally known as the Verizon Center, formally known as the MCI Center, now officially known as Capital One Arena will now unofficially be known as 'The Vault.' Capital One is a bank and, with the help of some Twitter crowd sourcing, Beal found 'The Vault' and he likes the sound of it.

"I like the name, you know 'vault,' you lock it down. For us, we want to be a defensive-minded team," Beal explained. "We got to lock up the defense. We got to lock up our house. This is our house. We have the mindset that no one comes in here and beats us and no one comes in here and puts up a lot of points. I think that's a good motto for us."


It certainly makes sense. It works within banking terminology and it represents something the Wizards are striving for as a team on the basketball court. 

Beal seems to be the ringleader in all of it and went through the trouble of seeking a nickname on Twitter. He got many suggestions including 'The Bank' and 'The Loan Booth.' It was 'The Vault,' though, that stuck.

"Hopefully, it can trend a little bit more in D.C. for us," he said.

Wall has already bought in.

“[Beal] is the leader of this team. He is another captain so I am rolling with it with whatever decision he makes. I am rolling with it. 'The Vault.' You come in here, you are walking into the vault. You get locked in," Wall said.

Okay, now it's time for some self-promotion. 'The Vault' was suggested as a nickname soon after the story broke that Verizon Center would be renamed. It was thrown out there by a certain reporter who happens to be pretty awesome and some might argue handsome, too. Oh wait, that was me.

Surely there were plenty of people who had the same idea, but opportunities for shameless self-indulgence are hard to pass up. So, there you go. 'The Vault' it is.


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Loss to Magic shows how Wizards have few ideal options on defense

Loss to Magic shows how Wizards have few ideal options on defense

Wizards assistant coach and defensive specialist Mike Longabardi referred to them as "dare shots" on the NBC Sports Washington broadcast. Head coach Scott Brooks said after the game the Wizards were "playing the percentages." Basically, they gave Markelle Fultz and the Magic distance when playing defense, asking them to earn respect for their range. Orlando, to be fair, entered the game shooting 29 percent from three, dead-last in the NBA, and Fultz is a career 20-percent three-point shooter.

But the whole plan backfired. The Wizards instead met an unintended consequence in their 125-121 loss to the Magic on Sunday night. Fultz and his teammates not only made threes early, they kept it up all night, apparently finding a rhythm as a result of taking what the defense was offering. 

Fultz, the former No. 1 pick maligned for his so-called broken shot, sank two from the perimeter to tie a career-high. The Magic as a team made 15 threes, tying a season-high, and shot 39.5 percent from long range.

The Wizards went under screens and played off of Magic players they felt were unlikely to beat them with outside shooting, and it cost them. On one hand, it is easy to kick the Wizards while they are down. They didn't properly respect an opponent that, after all, is still an NBA team. 

Even guys who supposedly can't shoot can make them if left open. Even non-shooters practice and make threes all the time outside of games. Show up early to any NBA game and watch warm-ups and you can see that for yourself. 

But in a sense, the Wizards' reasoning can be understood. Even against a team like the Magic, a team that entered Sunday night averaging only 100.3 points per game (29th in the NBA), they may have to get creative.

That is because the Wizards have been and likely will continue to be a bad defensive team. They currently rank 29th out of 30 teams in defensive rating (114.4) and are dead-last in points allowed (120.1/g.). 

Without prototypical defensive personnel, the Wizards will need to think outside the box to get stops. Overloading one way or the other based on percentages may be the answer on a given night. 

The problem is that the Wizards didn't do their job in other areas. In addition to giving up too many threes, they didn't shore up things on the backend, either. Even with their manpower shifted closer to the rim, they still couldn't protect it.

The Magic had 42 points in the paint and outrebounded the Wizards 52-38. That included Orlando center Nikola Vucevic pouring in 30 points to go along with 17 boards all by himself.

The early goings of this season have demonstrated how the Wizards have no easy answers on the defensive end. The good news is that they do have a high-powered offense. While their defensive rating ranks second-worst in the league, their offensive rating is the best of any team and they are third in points scored.

Right now, the only way the Wizards can win is if they score a ton of points, as even broken Metro cars make more stops than them.


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Bradley Beal becomes 5th Wizard to reach 10,000-point milestone

Bradley Beal becomes 5th Wizard to reach 10,000-point milestone

Bradley Beal joined an exclusive group Sunday night. 

His 34 points were enough to reach the 10,000-point milestone, climbing up to fifth in the all-time franchise scoring ladder in the process. 

He scored his 19th point in the fourth quarter, scoring 15 points in that frame alone. He hit some smoothly-stroked 3-pointers in a comeback attempt that came short. After scoring 44 points in two straight contests, his 34 against Orlando came as no surprise. Now, only Elvin Hayes, Jeff Malone, Wes Unseld and John Wall have scored more points for Washington.

Beal's accomplishment comes one game after he passed Wall and Gilbert Arenas for the most 40-point and 10-assist outings in Wizards history with three. He fell two assists and six points shy of extending that record even further. 

Beal joins Damian Lillard and Anthony Davis from the 2012 NBA Draft class as players to reach the historic feat. He's taken the scoring load on his shoulders this season, and it wouldn't be shocking if he continues to climb the scoring charts. Given his long-term commitment to the team following his two-year max contract extension in the offseason, Beal certainly has a chance at scoring more points than any Wizard when all is said and done.