The debates, as spirited as they were, can now effectively end. Wizards stars John Wall and Bradley Beal have agreed on a nickname for Capital One Arena.

Drumroll, please. The building formally known as the Verizon Center, formally known as the MCI Center, now officially known as Capital One Arena will now unofficially be known as 'The Vault.' Capital One is a bank and, with the help of some Twitter crowd sourcing, Beal found 'The Vault' and he likes the sound of it.

"I like the name, you know 'vault,' you lock it down. For us, we want to be a defensive-minded team," Beal explained. "We got to lock up the defense. We got to lock up our house. This is our house. We have the mindset that no one comes in here and beats us and no one comes in here and puts up a lot of points. I think that's a good motto for us."


It certainly makes sense. It works within banking terminology and it represents something the Wizards are striving for as a team on the basketball court. 

Beal seems to be the ringleader in all of it and went through the trouble of seeking a nickname on Twitter. He got many suggestions including 'The Bank' and 'The Loan Booth.' It was 'The Vault,' though, that stuck.


"Hopefully, it can trend a little bit more in D.C. for us," he said.

Wall has already bought in.

“[Beal] is the leader of this team. He is another captain so I am rolling with it with whatever decision he makes. I am rolling with it. 'The Vault.' You come in here, you are walking into the vault. You get locked in," Wall said.

Okay, now it's time for some self-promotion. 'The Vault' was suggested as a nickname soon after the story broke that Verizon Center would be renamed. It was thrown out there by a certain reporter who happens to be pretty awesome and some might argue handsome, too. Oh wait, that was me.

Surely there were plenty of people who had the same idea, but opportunities for shameless self-indulgence are hard to pass up. So, there you go. 'The Vault' it is.