Wall goes viral for playing spades during an ESPN interview


John Wall is a big-time Dallas Cowboys fan and on Monday night he joined ESPN ahead of the Cowboys' brutal loss to the Cardinals to talk some football.

But that's not all he did. Wall was playing a game of cards during the interview and had to politely ask host Field Yates to repeat one of his questions.

The exchange went viral the next day as fans on social media marveled at Wall's commitment to the game of spades:

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Despite not hearing the question the first time, Wall managed to not take the bait when asked whether he takes enjoyment in seeing the other teams in the division lose.

One of the Cowboys' rivals, of course, is the Washington Football Team. Wall knows all too well what can happen when you rub those fans the wrong way, as people still bring up the fact he wore a Dez Bryant jersey to FedExField.

Wall is a big fan of the Cowboys, so of course he likes seeing the other teams in the NFC East lose. He just doesn't have to flat-out say it.

As for the card game itself, hopefully he held onto his money better than Ezekiel Elliott did the football.