John Wall and Gilbert Arenas, the two best point guards in Wizards/Bullets franchise history, overlapped for about half a season before Arenas was traded to the Orlando Magic in December of 2010. Though they only spent a few months together, Wall and Arenas became good friends and still keep in touch today.

Wall appeared on Showtime's 'All the Smoke' hosted by Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson and told some funny stories about playing with Agent Zero. Of course, it didn't take long to collect a few.

The first one was about the first time he played Kobe Bryant:

"My favorite Kobe story was my rookie year. We were going to play them in L.A. You know how're like 'there's no way I'm about to play the Bean, like there's no way I'm about to play Kobe.' And I've got Gil on my team and Gil comes out there wearing Dolce and Gabbanas. No shoe strings, straps. Shoes, high-tops. So, I'm gonna play Kobe with a guy like Gil that doesn't care about nothing," Wall said.

Another was about late nights at the practice court:


"He still had that work ethic even though he knew he wasn't healthy. Like, I would go in there some nights to get shots and he's in there shooting one-handed threes from halfcourt. I'm like 'what the hell?'" Wall said. 


And then the time Arenas gave Wall thousands of dollars worth of shoes:

"I remember my second or third time walking in the locker room, we wore the same size and there was those those Yeezys that Louis Vuitton had made... he just dropped a whole box of shoes off. Like, seven pairs of shoes and he's like 'this is for you, young fella...' I was like 'man, this is the coolest vet ever.'"

Wall said he even calls Arenas from time to time for "basketball advice." It's an interesting dynamic, if you think about it, given Wall supplanted Arenas as the face of the franchise back in 2010.

But clearly they were able to avoid their egos getting in the way of a good friendship. And that's pretty cool.

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