John Wall is about to become a first-time father "any day now," and the Washington point guard shared some details and expectations with NBC Sports Washington's Chris Miller and Phil Chenier on Monday afternoon before the Wizards host the Houston Rockets.

"I'm just chilling, waiting for the day to come," Wall said at Capital One Arena. "Just waiting for the day. It's any day now. It's like a week!" 

However, Wall didn't actually announce that he is expecting his first child; teammate Austin Rivers (perhaps accidentally) did. In a podcast with Uninterrupted in October, Rivers was talking about being a father himself, saying "it's crazy" that the Wizards are all having babies before letting it slip that his teammate has a baby due. 

Wall -- who enters Monday's matchup against the Rockets averaging 20.9 points and 8.1 assists per game -- said he will "for sure" be in the delivery room for the birth of the baby, but he joked that he might have to "close my eyes" at some point. The 28-year-old NBA veteran also said he wants to cut the umbilical cord if they let him, but then shared some advice about expectations from his teammate Markieff Morris.

"The crazy thing is I was asking Keef about it because he was like, he wanted to cut the cord," Wall said. "But it was so much going on. He was like, 'Man, just go ahead.'"


Wall said he thinks he knows what to expect overall about parenthood because he has a large family, but as Miller and Chenier -- who are each fathers too -- reminded him, things are always different when it's your own child. 

"I've got an idea," he said. "I just don't have an idea of it being your own. I've got 24 nieces and nephews, so when they was little ... I had a point where they would stay for a whole week. I didn't have a point where I had to be there every day, so that's the difference."