John Wall is never one to bite his tongue and each year that creates an interesting conversation once the Wizards' season comes to a close. This time it was following a first-round playoff exit and, per usual, he spoke his mind.

Wall went into detail about what he thinks the organization should do to improve this summer. He believes there are several areas they can upgrade.

Though an argument could be made that the roster was deeper this season than it was one year ago, Wall isn't so sure.

“I wouldn’t really say really deeper, I mean to be honest in my opinion. I think we added some pieces that helped us out at times but I think at the same time we could have added some more," Wall said. "I think we got this summer that’s really an opportunity to try to make some more switches and make it a deeper team and a more stronger team. You kind of look at [Otto Porter] go down and you just have really Kelly [Oubre] as one backup three."

Wall was referring to the Wizards having only two natural small forwards on the roster this season. When Porter was hurt, they had to turn to Tomas Satoransky, who can play the position but is primarily a point guard.

Wall thinks the Wizards need to add more weapons around him and All-Star shooting guard Bradley Beal.

"Just got to add some pieces," he said. "A lot, to be honest. There's a lot that we can use... I think it's pretty obvious. I don't need to point it out. I think the way the league is going, you need athletic bigs, you need scoring off the bench, you need all of those types of things. We don't really have an athletic big. I mean, Ian [Mahinmi] is older. [Marcin Gortat] is older. They're not athletic guys, but they do the little things that permit their game to help as much as possible."


Wall added that the players brought in need to bring with them a certain mindset.

"I think the thing we really can worry about is trying to add some pieces that fit right with guys that want to be true professionals, that want to really play and want to understand their roles and help the team out as much as possible. I think that’s what we need to do."

Wall wants anyone who joins the Wizards to buy into the bigger picture and perhaps in a different way than some of his current teammates.

"I think it’s just figuring out what pieces can add to our team, what guys can stay and what guys can go, that make us, that really want to be here, that really want to win and really want to take that next step," he said.

Wall could be talking about any number of guys, but it's worth noting that backup shooting guard Jodie Meeks requested a trade midseason and starting center Marcin Gortat has talked about moving on from Washington several times in the past.

The Wizards are not set to have a lot of money to spend in free agency. If they want to make a major move it will likely need to come via trade. That does include the potential for a sign-and-trade with a free agent player.

There are some big names set to hit the market like LeBron James, DeMarcus Cousins, Paul George and DeAndre Jordan. Wall reiterated that he does not prefer to play the role of a recruiter in those scenarios.

"I think people understand what they'll get if they come here. They've seen our team. They kind of know what it is. I don't think you really have to do much recruiting unless you're trying to like take you and two other people to a whole other team. I'm cool where I'm at," he said.

Wall has made his case. Now, like all of us, he will see how the front office treats this offseason.

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