Count John Wall among those who are hoping Carmelo Anthony catches on with an NBA team this season for a final farewell tour.

The Wizards guard has been paying attention to the offseason saga for Anthony, who has been a free agent since Feb. 1. While NBA free agency began for many players about a month ago, it has been over six months since Anthony was on a team.

Wall would like to see that change soon, though he can list some reasons why Anthony hasn't found a home quite yet.

"The NBA has changed," Wall told NBC Sports Washington. "You have to find that role where you might have to come off the bench. Melo has a resume that [says] 'I don't want to come off the bench.' It's the same as [Allen Iverson]."

Wall explained how Anthony's midrange game doesn't work as well as it used to. He believes Anthony would be best off playing the style he did for the U.S. Olympic team. 

Anthony is the only three-time Olympic gold medalist in men's basketball history. He is one of the best players ever to suit up for Team USA, a legitimate standout among a long list of greats.

Anthony accomplished that by playing team basketball and as a small-ball big. Wall thinks that approach could work in today's NBA.

"The Melo that we saw in the World Cup and the Olympic Games was the Melo everybody wanted to love," Wall said. "In this new NBA, that's what Melo has to be."


What Wall asserts has been said by others before. The idea of 'Olympic Melo' has been elusive in the NBA. It just hasn't worked in practice like it has in theory.

But Wall thinks there is a home out there for Anthony that would make sense. He would like to see the 10-time All-Star go back to where it all began, in Denver. He notes how Dwyane Wade had to return to Miami for his farewell tour and how Paul Pierce got his in a familiar place by reuniting with coach Doc Rivers.

"The only way it is really going to work for Melo is if he goes back to the Nuggets. It has to be a franchise you built something with," Wall said.

Now, that would be interesting.